Hiking in Myrtle Beach


We decided to do a 2 day getaway to Myrtle Beach. Left after work on Thursday. We arrived at the Sandcastle Hotel around 7. We were to lazy to go get food so we ordered pizza and wings from NY Pizza. Not the greatest pizza in the word but the wings were good. I was asleep by 9 so Mike did what Mike does. Which is wander. Unknown to me it turns out he wandered about 5 miles while I slept!

Since I went to sleep so early I was up early. I checked the sunrise time it was 6:59. It’s only 6 am now. I decided to go sit on the beach and wait for the sunrise. I got some amazing pictures!

I took about 50 though. We were right down from the Boardwalk.

After that Mike was up and we walked up to kings highway and had breakfast at Stacks. Then we walked to the pier where the boardwalk starts. It was now a restaurant and closed so we couldn’t even get on the pier.

We walked down to the boardwalk area.

I must say Myrtle has changed so much. They tore down the rides and opened it up to a big field then added some zip line stuff. They also added a boardwalk from one pier to the other which is so great. They had the flags at half mast for the Florida school shooting.

I’m just so on the fence about this global warming thing. I really don’t know if it’s true or not. I mean we have been through an ice age and outer planet is warming. I don’t know if this is a natural progression or not. I guess I need to do some research. On the Boardwalk they had this sign.

I can’t imagine seeing icebergs floating past South Carolina but I guess it’s true.

We continued to the next pier which we didn’t go on either. We walked back to our hotel and went in the room with the idea we were going to lay on the beach.

We did not do that but instead went on the beach Nd started walking north. In bare feet. We went about 2 miles and it was my idea to turn around because I was worried I would have a bunch of aches and pains from this.

The water was cold but not nearly as cold as that mountain creek we crossed last week!

It was pretty windy and I started picking up trash on the beach. I picked up a couple of bags, a can, coke bottle and some weird tarp like thing. I have never found a sharks tooth. Never. I kinda thought my good deed of picking up trash might in turn find me one but nope!

Back at our hotel I dumped the trash and we went up to our room. The total miles for me so far,

Add 5 more for Mike. After a brief nap for him and some chill time for me we walked up to a Thai food restaurant that he wanted to eat at.

Half way through our dinner my phone started blowing up. Apparently I was hacked and it send all 300 friends some kind of video on messenger. People we calling, texting and messaging me on messenger!

I didn’t get to finish my dinner. I was responding I was hacked. I also tried to warn everyone on messenger. I was replying “I was hacked don’t open”. It’s ok to send a couple hundred messages of spam but after about 30 of me saying don’t open Facebook says I’m temporarily blocked!

I’d wait do some more. Then I had to delete all of them! Geez.

we went back to the hotel, went in the hot tub and went to bed early. It was about 77 degrees today. Beautiful February day.

Saturday was gonna be cold and rainy so we got up and headed home.

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