Bulls Island – SC

October 9, 2020 Mike and I South Carolina has more barrier islands than any other state Except Florida. Some are developed most are not. Bulls Island is part of the Cape Romain National Wildlife Refuge. The only way to visit is by boat. Coastal expeditions is the only service contracted to take people. They make... Continue Reading →

Devils Bathtub – Virginia

Mike and I October 3, 2020 We left the Channels and drove about an hour west through small towns and to what seamed like the middle of no where. The trail head was not in any mountains but just down a road though a country neighborhood. There was a large parking area with restrooms. We... Continue Reading →

The Great Virginia Channels

Mike and I October 3, 2020 The Channels are in the Channels Natural Preserve area near Abingdon Va. We decided to hike this hike on Saturday and according to my google search there are only 10 parking spots available. When I asked our waitress about this she said this has been since the trails re-opened... Continue Reading →

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