Adventures in Western NC

May 25, 18 Lisa and I Decided to leave at 6:30 am to go to find some waterfalls in Gorges state park. We decided to go to Upper Whitewater Falls first. We figured it was really kicking because of all the rain and it was! First we took a trail that went above the falls... Continue Reading →

Big East Fork Trail

5/20/18 Sherri, Debbie, Layla and I We decided we were going to hike Sunday rain or shine. They picked this trail in the Shining rock wilderness. Sherri and Debbie came to pick me up. Our trail guide was in the backseat and as I got in I felt like I was being crowded. I think... Continue Reading →

Shortoff Mountain – 3rd time

Daina, Mike and I 5/12/18 It has been two weeks without a hike.  I was just dying to get out on a trail.  My daughter Daina wanted to go and was up for anything.  Mike decided he wanted to go also but usually does not like elevation hikes.  I suggested Panthertown Valley and he said... Continue Reading →

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