Roan Mountain Balds

September 26, 2021 Mike, Sherri, Cooper and I So it is Sunday and Road Mountain is far for a Sunday but..... Mike wanted to take our dog Cooper. We arrived at Carver's gap. There were not many people here and we parked right across from the trailhead. That was a serious clue something was wrong.... Continue Reading →

Providence Canyon Georgia

October 14, 2021 Mike and I We are heading to Panama City, Florida for a couple days. We left after work Wednesday so when we went through Atlanta it would be less traffic. We stopped in LeGrange Georgia to get a hotel for the night. I remembered about this place and looked it up. Turns... Continue Reading →

Wilson Creek Loop

September 5, 2021 Brandi, Sherri and I We did a 10 mile loop in the Wilson's Creek area. It was from Timber Ridge Trailhead to Hunt Fish falls and back to Gragg Prong. It was a great day. We met at the trailhead and started up Timber Ridge Trail. It went uphill for a bit... Continue Reading →

Motor Cycling

September 3-4 2021 Mike and I We were riding up to Wild Woodys Campground in Laurel Springs to meet a couple friends. On the way we stopped by some waterfalls. Moravian Falls was on the way. Wild Woody's is a unique campground. She has lots of vintage campers that she rents out. She also has... Continue Reading →

The Smokies!

August 28, 2021 Amber, Mindy, Brandi, Amanda, Lisa, Jennifer and I I met Amber at Bonus Defeat. We hit it off right away. She invited me to go on this 18 mile hike in the smokies. I said yes although I was a little concerned about the heat, the mileage, the elevation, well all of... Continue Reading →

Shortoff to Table Rock

August 22, 2021 Brandi and I So here's the thing. Hiking Shortoff in the summer is kind of like hiking in the desert. Why on earth we decided to do 8 miles to Table Rock in August I don't know. Shortoff is really awesome with beautiful views of the Gorge. Other than the beginning its... Continue Reading →

Tubing and Ziplining

August 6, 7 2021 Maddison and I My neice Maddison is 15. When I asked her what she wanted for Christmas she said experiences. Hell yea! I love those myself. I decided to get her The Gorge Ziplines in Saluda NC. It's one of the best ones around. It is in the Green River Gorge... Continue Reading →

Finding Waterfalls

Brandi, Leah and I July 25, 2021 Stayed In Brandi's camper at Paddy's Creek Near the Linville Gorge. We decided to get a couple waterfalls today. The first one is Stills Falls or Secret Falls. I've heard it called both. I have tried to find it before but was unsuccessful. I knew most of the... Continue Reading →

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