Worley’s Cave Adventure

12/13/19 Nick, Jon, Brandi, Christi, Daina and I This cave is just outside of Johnson City Tennessee. I asked my youngest Daina if she wanted to go caving with me and she said yes. It was the day after her semester and finals ended. She probably would of said yes to anything about now! I... Continue Reading →

Hiking in Linville Gorge

11/15/19 Mike, Gina and I I just love hiking in the Linville Gorge. Today I got to show it off to someone who hasn't been there. That was so much fun! Her ears might be burning because I surely played trail guide! I could hardly contain my excitement. The first place I wanted to go... Continue Reading →

Mr. Crammerer

11/2/19 Sherri and I Today is the big hike! It's over an hour from where we stayed in Cherokee back towards I-40. The cars in the lot are frozen this morning! We didn't know how to dress. We checked out and headed through Maggie Valley where we stopped at pancake house and chowed down on,... Continue Reading →

Great Smokey Mountains

10/31 - 11/2 Sherri and I Sherri asked me what time I wanted to leave Friday. I said Thursday! So right after work Thursday we left and headed to our hotel in Cherokee. The GPS said to turn on the Blue Ridge Parkway. We did and at the top of the turn - road closed?... Continue Reading →

Kayaking and waterfalls

10/20/19 Holly, Jack, Robert, Mike and I They had this great plan to meet at Bear Creek Lake and kayak and hike 2 waterfalls. I got invited late but so glad I did. Mike and I decided to join them. We are supposed to meet at 9:30 Saturday morning. In comes a tropical storm. We... Continue Reading →

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