Looking Glass Rock and Falls

December 2nd 2017 Lisa and I This time I chose the hike. When I hike with Sherri she always researches the hike knows how far and little facts about the trail which is not only comforting but awesome. Lisa and I on the other hand is just the blind leading the blind! I had no... Continue Reading →

Shortoff Mountain

November 26 2017 Sherri and I This is my 2nd time hiking Shortoff Mountain and I have to say it is one of my favorite hikes. It's a hike that has a little of everything including dare I say, cell phone service. This hike has semi steep inclines, beautiful views, flat walking trails and my... Continue Reading →

Big lost cove cliff

I have never heard of Wilson’s creek wilderness. Randy Shay told us about the area. Mike came up on Wednesday and did a hike and bought tickets to an oyster roast at aunt Betsy’s country store. So he decides to take Friday off and get in another hike. Now that I’m doing the trail blaze... Continue Reading →

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