Moonshine Falls

2/24/18 Ashley, Daina, Riley and Cooper A day hiking with my girls and dogs. A very rare and awesome treat for me! We are all coming from different directions so we decide to meet at Asbury Hills Camp at 9am. I called yesterday to get the gate code to get in. Diana arrived first then... Continue Reading →

Panthertown Valley Tour Hike

Sherri and I 2/9/18 We start at 7:15 for the 3 hour drive.  We decide to take highway 11 instead of I-85.  We manage to get behind every slow driving grandma, concrete truck or what ever.  We make a couple of stops our final one at McDonalds in Brevard for breakfast and a pitstop. Sherri... Continue Reading →

Waterfall Adventures in NC

Lisa and I February 2, 2018 I have decided to call hiking with Lisa Adventure Hiking.  If i ever thought hiking in mountains was mountain climbing it really isn't unless you do it Lisa's way.  She likes to pick places that are basically unknown.  These places are generally un-marked trails but someone wrote and article... Continue Reading →

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