Weekend Fun with Mike

12/29-12/30 2018 After Sherri and I finished the Boone Fork Trail we went towards Boone NC so I could meet up with Mike. He bought tickets to a house concert in Boone. These people booked a band called Folk Soul Revival and sold $20 tickets for their living room. They sold 53 tickets. We found... Continue Reading →

Boone Fork Trail

12/29/18 Sherri and I I read about this trail and we have been wanting to do this one. It's at Julian Price Park near Boone. This one is a 5 mile loop. It can start at the picnic area, lake overlook or the campground. The campground was closed but we parked there and got on... Continue Reading →

Hiking into 2019

12/16/18 I am not the type to hike alone. I prefer with a friend or two or a small group. To mix it up I like some of these challenges. This year I have hiked so many miles. I have hiked 379 miles in NC, 25 miles in Virginia, 40 miles in Tennessee, 27 miles... Continue Reading →

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