I am Roseann Chase.  I have always enjoyed going places, seeing live music etc.  In January of 2017 we decided to do the Make a Wish Trailblaze Challenge.  It is a 28.3 miles in one day on the FootHills trail in South Carolina.    This is where my journey to the outdoors really began.  I have hiked some before but was really not that strong.  I have hiked about 190 miles in 2017.    In July of 2018 I have already hiked 250 miles. I feel I am stronger at 52 than I ever was in my 30’s and 40’s.

I have 2 girls both in college that hike with me sometimes.  I have been married for 27 years.  We started hiking together but I really went to the extreme with this.

I am hiking mostly in North Carolina but also in South Carolina, Virginia, Georgia and Tennessee.  This year I tried backpacking at Grayson Highlands in Virginia. It was great!

This is just my experiences with my friends, both old and new that I am writing about and the pictures we take for lasting memories.  Just an Iphone camera but alot of fun!

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