Reach the Peaks 2020

Sherri and I 9/25/20 This is year 3 attending the Stokes County Arts event. This time it was back to all 5 peaks and 10.5 miles. Because of Covid they split it up in 3 days. We chose Friday thinking it would have the least amount of people. We were leaving Thursday, going to Mast... Continue Reading →

River to Rock Challenge 2018

Sept 29, 2018 Sherri and I Last year it was called Reach the Peaks,  this year it is River to Rock challenge at Hanging Rock State Park. We decided to camp in the park Friday night. It's a real nice campground without water and electricity except the bathhouse. We grabbed some fettuccini Alfredo from a... Continue Reading →

Reach the Peaks 2017

September 30, 2017 Hanging Rock State Park Danbury NC Sherri and I. Stokes County put on a fundraiser called Reach the Peaks.  It was 10 miles and 5 peaks in Hanging Rock State Park.  This is the 3rd annual but the 1st one for Sherri and I. We decided to get a room in Winston... Continue Reading →

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