Kayaking with Friends

3/14/20 Brandi, Cathy and I

Headed up to Morrow Mountain State park to meet Brandi and Cathy.

It’s a cloudy day, we dropped in at the boat ramp and decided to head to the dam first. It wasn’t windy, it wasn’t busy so paddling on this lake was like gliding on glass. It’s Lake Tillary by the way. Brandi has a new Epic Kayak. It’s sleek and nice. The one Cathy used was almost as long. I have a cheap little kayak. 😁

The dam was really cool all these big rocks and a few tiny rapids. We saw lots of turtles out sunning. One giant one in particular.

There were blue herons and Egrets flying around. One tree in particular was full of them.

We hung around down there and chatted and laughed. Then went off to the island to have lunch. We found a nice beach spot and sat and ate and more chatting and laughing.

Then we got back in crossed the lake and went down a small tributary. It was a small river great for kayaking.

This area wound around through a protected area. There was a hawk flying above us. He was carrying a mouse. He flew right over us and landed in a tree. Brandi was shushing me but I wasn’t comprehending as I chatted on endlessly and the bird flew away. 😢 we weren’t able to get a great pic and I’m sorry! Someone didn’t let me forget it!🤣

There was a lot to see here. A bat flew around us, we saw a giant hornets nest in a tree. It got narrow and circled around. It was really a great paddle.

We came out south of where we put in. We paddled back up towards the boat landing.

It was a great day with friends laughing and paddling around. Only word that comes to mind is aaaahhhhhh! Peace.

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