Oconee County SC

Daina, Cooper (dog) and I Sept 21, 2018 I picked Daina up at 10 am in Clemson and we headed straight to Long Creek SC. It's a beautiful area in Oconee County that boarders the beautiful Chattooga River. Oconee County Is often called the land of waterfalls. On the way we pass the Chattooga Belle... Continue Reading →

Chattooga Sounds Campground

7/7-7/8 Daina Mike Me 3 dogs Last minute decision to go somewhere during our 5 day Staycation. We have seen this campground in Long creek SC advertised on facebook. We decided to give it a try and do some waterfalls on Sunday. We called Daina and she was game. We picked her up in Clemson... Continue Reading →

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