Oconee County SC

Daina, Cooper (dog) and I

Sept 21, 2018

I picked Daina up at 10 am in Clemson and we headed straight to Long Creek SC. It’s a beautiful area in Oconee County that boarders the beautiful Chattooga River. Oconee County Is often called the land of waterfalls.

On the way we pass the Chattooga Belle which is a beautiful event location, farm and restaurant. We decided to stop and get lunch to go. We ordered a cheese tray and a Mediterranean Turkey sand which with feta dill dressing and olives to go. It was all awesome!

Just down the road is a dirt road called Turkey ridge. We take it 3 miles to a parking area. From here we walk down another dirt road for nearly a mile. It was actually drivable but we didn’t know. At the bottom we take an easy trail to the right for another mile. It’s on forestry land so it’s not marked but it’s a clear easy path. At the one an only fork someone made a rock sign in the shape of an arrow.

Then a very steep trail to the left to the bottom of the falls right on the Chattooga River. The falls is back off the river behind us. The trail ends at the river but you can rock hop or walk in the shallow water to get back to the falls.

Well what goes down must go up! We climb the steep trail up to the main trail resting once. It’s not that bad but it’s hot too.

We get back to the car and drive back up the road to Oppossum Falls. It’s back up the road a half mile but on the left.

We take off down the trail. It’s a small trail. Which is weird because this one is actually marked and has a sign on the main road. We are immediately attacked by gnats and mosquitos. We have to stop every couple a minutes they are flying in or near my eyes! It’s a very unpleasant walk! After about a half mile I can’t take it and we turn back! Weird there were no bugs on the Long Creek trail. I’ve been before so no biggie. Had we continued it would look like this.

We get back to the car and head towards Walhalla to go to Station Cove Falls. We park at the trailhead. It’s a mile or so walk to the falls. There are only a couple of cars here. Gotta love hiking on weekdays!!

There is a sign to Oconee State Park just 2 miles or go to the falls. Oconee State Park is where the new Palmetto Trail starts. It will eventually go all the way to the coast in Charleston County – 425 miles. As a hiker I find that very exciting!

We head to the falls the trail crosses over a couple bridges and ends at the falls. There are just a couple of people there. This is a pretty one!

Cooper is loving these hikes! He doesn’t like the car though. We head back to the car but since we are in Walhalla I decide to take Daina stumphouse Tunnel and Issaqueena Falls. It’s about 10 miles from here. No walking they are both right off the parking lot.

Cooper is real nervous about the tunnel. It’s dark and cell phone lights don’t really help. on the way in we pass a man and 2 little boys and Cooper started barking which echoed and scared him more! So he barked louder and I’m sure scared those boys! How embarrassing! I apologized.

Back in the car and to the other side of the parking lot to Issaqueena Falls. It’s getting late so we don’t take any of the trails to the base of the falls. Just from the overlook.

Time to head back to Clemson. Daina has a big Greek thing tonight so we head back and stop to pick up Japanese for everybody.

Now I still have a long ride home! Always fun to hang with my baby! If they ever finish construction on I-85. I’ll be so happy!

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