Panther Creek Falls, Georgia

Lisa and I



We finished our amazing hike of the Tallulah Gorge floor at 12:00 pm.  We had plenty of time left in the day and found another hike to do.  It was called Panther Creek Falls and was not too far from the Gorge.

It is a 6.5 mile hike.  It starts out at a trail head on hwy 441.  After just a few minutes it crosses underneath the highway.  Both the Northbound and southbound lanes.   Then under some power lines.  After that it is a pretty beautiful trail that follows Panther creek, up, down and around though thick forests of 100 foot tall trees.  That made this trail really beautiful and quite shaded!  Which was nice since it was mid day in June!

It is pretty easy to follow since there are no other trails that intersect with it.  It stays high above the creek for a long way, past rock walls then descends level with the creek.  Some areas have metal cables walkways around them.

We saw quite a few people coming back in swimming clothes.  It was getting late in the afternoon so a lot of people were leaving already.  It took us about 2 hours to walk it.  When we got close we could hear the waterfall.  It was a beauty.  There were a lot of people there playing in the water and there were a group of backpacks that were going to make camp.

The water was a little cold but the area in front of the falls was a sandy beach that got up to probably 5 feet.  Some people were climbing up on the falls and going behind it.  Lisa, of course wants to do it!  She didn’t want to do sliding rock but she is always game to climb a waterfall.  She climbs out on the bottom rocks of the falls and we take some great pictures.  Then its my turn.  I am such a baby.  I don’t like slimy stuff and I don’t like to go where I can’t see in the water.  She walks me out there like a child and says just swim 2 feet and climb on the falls.  Nope wasn’t happening for me.  We went back out sat in the sun awhile then I decide I’m gonna try again.  This time I go to the left and climb up on some big rocks and get my pic taken.

There was a young couple up behind the waterfall where I am but I didn’t feel comfortable.  This is just how it is with me:  I can’t, I can’t, I’m scared,  then I am pier pressured into it and I do it!  One day I will have to learn just to go!

While we were playing down there more and more backpackers showed up.  They were making camp as we left.  We headed down the trail back to the car and passed another dozen or so back packers.  Everyone was heading for the falls.  It was probably going to look like a big ol party in the morning!

We got back to our car and headed back to our cabin.  About 10 minutes later the sky opened up and poured!  All those people camping.  Hopefully they have their camp already set up.  But that’s just a day in the life of campers and hikers.

That was a long crazy day. We are beat. We grave some Chic Fila and heard back to enjoy our cabin. Nd wait for my daughter Ashley and her friend Jolly to arrive.

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