Yosemite Falls Trail

This is one is one of the largest waterfalls in the world at about 2400 feet tall. The trail is a well defined rocky hike over 7 miles out and back. The elevation in the 3.5 miles up is 2700 feet. The trail immediately starts climbing and is mostly one switch back after another. We... Continue Reading →

Yosemite !

We planned a trip to Yosemite. We were supposed to hike then when Julie arrived we were leaving from Toulamme Meadows and backpack to Half Dome. Day one we arrived late and went straight to our Airbnb. We settled in and made a plan to go into Yosemite Valley to watch the sunrise. The crowds... Continue Reading →

Crystal Springs, Florida

12/23/21 Daina and I My family went on a week long vacation over Christmas. Just like the movies we were skipping out on on all the Christmas hoopla. We decided to skip the presents, dinner and family this year and head to Florida. We are staying on Siesta Key and all arriving separately. On the... Continue Reading →

Roan Mountain Balds

September 26, 2021 Mike, Sherri, Cooper and I So it is Sunday and Road Mountain is far for a Sunday but..... Mike wanted to take our dog Cooper. We arrived at Carver's gap. There were not many people here and we parked right across from the trailhead. That was a serious clue something was wrong.... Continue Reading →

Providence Canyon Georgia

October 14, 2021 Mike and I We are heading to Panama City, Florida for a couple days. We left after work Wednesday so when we went through Atlanta it would be less traffic. We stopped in LeGrange Georgia to get a hotel for the night. I remembered about this place and looked it up. Turns... Continue Reading →

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