Brasstown Falls and Riley Moore Falls


Lisa, Ashley, Jolly and I


This is the last 2 hikes from our Georgia weekend. It’s was a great weekend in our cabin. The road home goes right through Oconee County SC so what are we going to do? Yep, hit a few waterfalls on our waterfall challenge list! Oconee County has about 30 waterfalls. They are everywhere going through Westminister, long creek and Walhalla. I picked out 4. The first one is called Brass Town Falls. It is a .2 mike hike so it would be a quicky. It was almost 2 miles off the highway down a dirt road. We get to the trailhead and there are a bunch of cars. Lisa and I have our flip flops on and for .2 miles we don’t even change into shoes.

Heading down a pretty easy trail. It’s a little muddy in places. We get to the first waterfall and of course it’s the hardest part of the trail! I slid in a big pile of mud and had mud all in my toes so I just took off my flip flops and went barefoot. I climbed down the trail to the water and Lisa went high along a trail. Ashley and Jolly followed me. There we some nice rocks to sit on at the bottom.

There were two guys down there that said there was another Falls below. We took some pics here then went through a sort off trail to the next Falls. I’m still barefoot and climbing through the woods like a fool!

It was just a couple yards down and this little beauty was there. This is where we caught back up with Lisa. When Ashley and Jolly came down she told me a guy brought my flip flops down to the other Falls! So nice of him!

I didn’t get a picture from below but if your down farther you can see the other Falls i top of this one. It’s really pretty.

It was time to go and Ashley and jolly were still at the bottom of the Falls and I told lisa to watch them and help them up while I go get my shoes. Seriously? They are grown women. They didn’t need her help! Idk what I was thinking. πŸ€”

I hobbled back over to where my shoes where and out them on. Man they were like walking on a cloud! πŸ˜‚ I won’t do that again! We walked back to the car and headed for waterfall #2!

Waterfall #2 we found by accident. There were signs on the road so we followed them. It was a long way down a country road then about a mile on a dirt road. We parked where others parked. That was wrong because it was another 1/2 mile to the trailhead down another dirt road. That road might have required a 4 wheel drive towards the end but we could of went part way had we known.

We take the trail head which is a mile long trail to Riley Moore Falls.

This ones a beauty! At the bottom is a big sandy beach and a huge swimming hole! Most of it around 4 feet deep but across it I see people swimming so it must be deeper.

There is a lot of people here and dogs. The water was cold but not to cold. We all took our shoes off and waded up to the Falls. There were some girls on the far side climbing up the waterfall and behind it. Strange Lisa didn’t want to go? πŸ€”

Instead she climbed up on top of the water fall with me behind her. She stands right in the water for a picture. It’s only inches deep but water is rushing over her feet. She said it’s not slick but I’m not gonna try it! I sit on a rock for my picture. I guess the news of the man who died at Rainbow Falls has me more nervous than usual. She thinks if we fell here it’s not far enough to die. 😳

I really think I’m going in the water st this point and I wade in waist deep and drop. God that felt so good! Clothes and all but this time no shoes! No one else wanted to join me. I knew I had my luggage in the car so I knew I could change.

After we finish this hike, because it’s a mile and a half to the car, I think I’m done for the weekend! I had two more Falls on my list but if we left now we wouldn’t get home till 4-5pm so I think it’s time to go home!

That was an awesome long weekend but I think I need a vacation from this mini vacation! 6 hikes in 3 days. Some harder than others but all of them awesome! Thank you Lisa, Ashley and Jolly for going with me! Y’all rock 😁 I need to give a special shout out to my partner in crime Lisa a.k.a the energizer bunny. She never gets tired and keeps me going way past my lazy meter!

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  1. There’s always a trail runner in the group! We tend to balance each other out when we hike, since the wife will start fast and slow down over time, while I crawl and gain momentum as the day goes on!

    Looks like a fun hike with beautiful sights! The mud happens. It just comes with the territory. Glad you were able to get in the water to rinse some of it off! πŸ™‚


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