Seven Oaks Preserve Trail

Mike, me, Cooper and Tucker


We were going to head up to Wilson’s Creek but got a late start. While in the drive thru of Arby’s I googled trails near me and this one came up. It is right beside Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens. Their trails connect to this one. This is a 72 acre land conservancy along the shores of Lake Wylie. It is also part of the Carolina Thread Trail.

It’s a nice trail. It meanders through hardwoods along the lake. It’s 2.8 miles from start to finish one way.

It’s nice to see all this undeveloped land. In the first half mile or so it does pass within eyesight of a neighborhood. This is it’s only negative. The dogs enjoyed this walk. It was a little muddy in places but we’ve had a lot of rain.

Mike liked this little spot on the river:

The lake water is super high from all the rain. It’s hard to tell if it would be so easy to see the lake if we were in spring or summer. They had benches every so often and signs with info about its development. One said they used goats to clear big areas of kudzu. The trees had kudzu marks on them but it was clearly gone.

We sat by the lake a bit and Cooper found something interesting under a log and dug and dug. Nothing came out so…

The trail splits and you can turn onto the Daniel Stowe trails. We continued to the end of this trail.

We sat here for a bit. It looked like a marsh but I think it was just that the water was so high.

From this spot I could see a small shack. I went to see what it was. It was on private property because there was a small barbed wire fence. It was an old latrine. Weird. It didn’t have a road or walkway to it. It did face the lake so I guess it was a bathroom with a view!

We turned around and went back. We passed quite a few people this time.

I’m not sure if their mileage was wrong or mine but when we finished my mileage showed nearly 7 miles. This is a great trail for anyone to do.

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