Franconia Ridge- New Hampshire

Lisa, Daina and I


This was an incredible hike. It had a little bit of everything. The girls did it a couple days ago but Daina and I just arrived and I really want to hike it so we did. Kori had to work and Lisa hiked it a second time. This time it was much warmer.

Franconia Ridge is the second highest range in the White Mountains. The whole trip is nearly 9 miles.

We arrived at the trailhead and began our hike. The first couple of miles go through the trees and a couple of waterfalls. New Hampshire is one rocky place. There is no flat hiking trails. It’s all gravel and rocks!

Prime example of this trail

This trail just continuously goes up. This is not an easy trail. At this point there aren’t any views but the trail is pretty unique compared to others I’ve hiked. The two below are some of my favorites. It’s a good example of the beginning of this trek.

It’s just amazing up here. I could just post pictures.

Then you reach the top. It’s a complete ridge line across 3 peaks. It’s also the Appalachian Trail. It was pretty windy and cold at the first peak. It’s called Little Haystack. We found a spot to sit and snack and take a lot of pictures.

For some reason it wasn’t as cold at the next peaks. It was a very cool hike for sure. You can see the trail all the way to the next peak at all times.

The next peak was Mt. Lincoln.

Then Mt. Lafayette. To the right of us is the Presidential range of the White Mountains. There is a bunch of them. We are hoping to hike MT. Washington tomorro.

From this peak we turn and head down the Greeenleaf trail. It’s an extremely rocky walk down to the Greeenleaf hit that in normal times people stay at.

There is not a road to it. Workers hike up here and stay.

From here we can see the entire ridge line we just hiked.

Coming down had some tricky spots. It had great views of the ridge line and in between.

That was a really fun hike! It was so beautiful.

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