Awendaw Passage

1/2/21 Mike and I

I have been wanting to do this trail. It is actually the end of the Palmetto trail that will eventually go from Oconee State Park to the coast. Or the beginning if you start at the coast. There is about 350 miles of the 425 mile trail complete.

We stopped at the Sewee Outpost store again. Its a must do if you are in the area. It’s a great store that sells everything from bait to home made biscuits to take home seafood quiche. We got our ham snd sausage biscuits and headed to the trail head. We started at the trailhead on Rosa Green Road. For lack of time skipping the first trailhead on 17. It would be 7.1 miles to Buck Hall Rec from here. We started at the 2nd trailhead about 3 miles in.

Shrimp boat on the inter coastal waterway.

There were a few cars here. We parked and headed down the trail. It was simply beautiful. If you love the low country of South Carolina this is for you. It’s a pretty well maintained trail. Because of all the rain it was muddy in some places.

There were quite a few large Live Oak trees and palm trees. Complete with Spanish moss.

The trail follows Awendaw Creek, then passes the inter coastal waterway before coming to Buck Hall Recreation area. We didn’t make it that far because of time.

Just over a mile or so I noticed an old grave yard north of the trail. It was barely visible. It was behind a chain link fence. We went up there. The fence was open and it really was not being maintained. It appears that everyone in it was related to the Doar family. There were about 60 tombstones in it. I could see a road leading to it. It was all grass and didn’t look like many people came down it. The oldest I saw was 1883 and the newest was 1959.

I did a bit of research and the Doar family was basically The Who’s who of Charleston. Turns out this was their plantation land and there are some ruins nearby that I didn’t know about and now I want to go back! I can’t find any info on that but a friend who lives there told me about it.

We walked about 3 miles then turned around. On the way back we saw a couple of people. It was a great trail and I’ll be back to do all of it one day.

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