Sedona Arizona

Mike and I


This was the trip that wasn’t supposed to happen but we were so lucky it did! Our flight out of Flagstaff was cancelled and the choice of flights were not great. Mike’s idea to drive to Pheonix where more flights were available seamed crazy but you got to do what you got to do. We kept the rental car and headed out. We drove past Flagstaff and he had me take a slow curvy road into Sedona. It was an incredibly beautiful road. Snowy, large rock walls, National Forests on it.


It wasn’t far but it was slow. We drove into Sedona and damn! Beautiful rock formations every where you look. The whole town is designed to be obtrusive to its beauty. Flat roofs, all natural colors.

A friend said if you have time go to Sedona. We didn’t think we would. She suggested a couple hikes. We went to Devils Bridge. It was packed out. Zero parking even way down the street so we looked for a trail less traveled. We found one that left from town. It was a great find. Very few people but big payoffs. It was called the Ridge Trail.

It basically wondered through the desert with Red Rock State Park on the right and Cathedral Rock and Bell rock on the left. We had lunch where it overlooked both.

It was about 4 miles. I was ready to head to Pheonix but Mike wanted to do another. I found a trail near Cathedral rock. When we got there it was actually the parking lot for Cathedral Rock and I found a parking place! Instead of doing the low trail I wanted to hike Cathedral Rock. Mike waited for me. It’s only about a mile up. It was pretty awesome.

It was a great hike. I climbed down and we got back in the car, grabbed something to eat and headed to Pheonix.

It was a great two days of a once in a lifetime on the fly weekend.

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