Finding Waterfalls

Brandi, Leah and I

July 25, 2021

Stayed In Brandi’s camper at Paddy’s Creek Near the Linville Gorge. We decided to get a couple waterfalls today. The first one is Stills Falls or Secret Falls. I’ve heard it called both. I have tried to find it before but was unsuccessful. I knew most of the way but apparently I just missed one right turn and there it was! Its a very unique waterfall. Unfortunately there was very little water in this water fall.

It was covered in moss and surrounded by sheer rock walls. The whole area was amazing. That’s how the Linville Gorge is. Every quadrant and surrounding areas are different from each other.

Tons of moss everywhere. The bottom which I don’t have a picture of looked like an old stone patio. On both sides of this waterfall are sheer rock walls. We saw some evidence of rock climbers. The walls seamed to go on forever past the falls. One area looked like a stage and Brandi seamed to think so!

We wondered around here for a long time. Brandi found a baby ring neck snake and had a blast with it. I was ready to get going. The next falls was one I couldn’t wait to get too. It was on the other side of the Gorge off the parkway. Its only about 8 miles but on 105 (a dirt road) it took nearly an hour. Luckily Leah was driving her big ol truck.

This is one of those waterfalls that spark a little controversy. It is truly unique and a little hard to get to. We parked at a certain area on the Parkway. I saw a guy come back to his car for some rope and asked where he was going. He was going to English Falls. I said were coming with you. He had his wife and 2 daughters with him. Basically you go to a certain area and climb over the guard rail and head down a well worn path. When it makes a right it is a steep climb down. He was setting up a rope to help his wife and 2 children down. They were about 7 and 9. I’m not sure I would be doing that and they looked scared. We had to wait for him to get his children down.

The path down

Brandi went next. She was like “we’ve done harder than this!” and went down on her butt. I followed. At the bottom was a 5 foot rock wall to climb down then swing left until you reach the falls. OH Man! It was simply stunning! It is another moss covered one. It did not have a huge flow of water but was amazing.

I would think this is a very fragile ecosystem here but I would think this would be a huge draw if they would build a safe trail to an overlook to see this falls. The way it happens is the best falls are usually not on a trail of any sort. Luckily those are the ones we love to do!

This one is one for the books!

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