Shortoff to Table Rock

August 22, 2021

Brandi and I

So here’s the thing. Hiking Shortoff in the summer is kind of like hiking in the desert. Why on earth we decided to do 8 miles to Table Rock in August I don’t know. Shortoff is really awesome with beautiful views of the Gorge. Other than the beginning its relativly flat then it dips down and you have to go up the other side to Table Rock.

We also decided to do the Olsen Trail below Shortoff. This is a beauty trail with cool views and even cooler rock formations. It skirts the edge high above the Linville River underneath Shortoff.

Then back on the trail. It skirts the edge for a long way before it dips down into the forest and bottoms out by a campsite near the Cambric trail. A trail you do not want to take to the Linville River and back up again! Steep. Then it starts climbing back up towards table rock. We were sweating buckets at this point.

We are going to that pointy rock on the right!

Most of the shade was down in the valley. As we started going up it got pretty rocky. Here is Brandi trying to keep her body temp down. I swear I was wearing more water than I was drinking.

Getting Closer

When We got to the Chimneys area there was a rock climbing school just finishing up. A bunch of teens were camping there and rock climbing! Someone had way cooler parents than me.

We were never so glad to see her car! This was a great hike – in September or October. But any hike in the Linville Gorge is a great hike! I mean is it beautiful or what!

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