Yosemite Falls Trail

This is one is one of the largest waterfalls in the world at about 2400 feet tall. The trail is a well defined rocky hike over 7 miles out and back. The elevation in the 3.5 miles up is 2700 feet. The trail immediately starts climbing and is mostly one switch back after another. We started pretty early in the day and did not see to many people.

The views were incredible on this trail. The trail goes past the falls with a great view. Then continues to the top of the falls. At the top its a big plateau with more beautiful views. The trail climbs down to an overlook along the top of the falls.

The hike down was just as strenuous. It was later in the day and even hotter. As we came down we past lots of people going up. I was happy to be heading down at this time of day because of the heat.

Trail goes up through this canyon

River at the top of Yosemite Falls
View of Half Dome

On the way up when we passed the view of the falls Lisa wanted to climb down to the base of it. I suggested we climb to the top and do that on the way down. I knew I’d be to tired to do it! When we got to this point down she went. It was a nice view spot and had quite a few people enjoying the view. They were watching her climb down there. One girls jumped down and followed her. I’m not sure many people thought about doing it until Lisa did!

This was an amazing hike. It was so super hot and although we had plenty of water to drink I just felt dehydrated. Glad we started early!

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