Vernal Falls – Yosemite

The hike to Vernal Falls is 2.4 miles round trip. It climbs 1000 feet during that 1.2 miles up. There is a footbridge you can view the falls at a little over a half of a mile. Many people stop here. The views on the way up are amazing. It follows the river all the way up.

To get to the top there are step steps up to the top of Vernal falls. The top of the falls is a nice flat area. At this point you can continue towards Nevada Falls. It is another 1.5 miles but you can view it from the bridge a short distance away.

I was by myself so I asked this guy to get my picture by the falls. (The pic above) When I next looked at my camera he also left me a picture of himself! I really found that hilarious. I walked on to view Nevada Falls. As I was coming back I passed him. I said “hey! you left your pic on my camera. That is so funny!” His friend said “He never thought he would see you again.” I just laughed. I said too funny! Now I do that occasionally.

View of Vernal Falls

The John Muir Trail and the Mist trail can be taken here for a longer hike. Lisa and Julie were due back from their trek to Half Dome and I did not find them along the trail so we went back to our meeting spot. This was the last thing we did in Yosemite. Back to the real world.

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