Hiking in Linville Gorge

11/15/19 Mike, Gina and I I just love hiking in the Linville Gorge. Today I got to show it off to someone who hasn't been there. That was so much fun! Her ears might be burning because I surely played trail guide! I could hardly contain my excitement. The first place I wanted to go... Continue Reading →

Hiking in the Linville Gorge

March 30, 2019 Nick, Jonathon, Cathy, Kennedy, Brandi, Christy and I. This hike had so much to see and so many names of things I can't remember and is such an untraveled area that this is basically going to be a picture blog only. Most of our group were real photographers. These are mostly my... Continue Reading →

Shortoff Mountain – 3rd time

Daina, Mike and I 5/12/18 It has been two weeks without a hike.  I was just dying to get out on a trail.  My daughter Daina wanted to go and was up for anything.  Mike decided he wanted to go also but usually does not like elevation hikes.  I suggested Panthertown Valley and he said... Continue Reading →

Shortoff Mountain

November 26 2017 Sherri and I This is my 2nd time hiking Shortoff Mountain and I have to say it is one of my favorite hikes. It's a hike that has a little of everything including dare I say, cell phone service. This hike has semi steep inclines, beautiful views, flat walking trails and my... Continue Reading →

Shortoff Mountain Trail

September 15, 2017 Lisa and I Linville wilderness. Lisa picked this hike. How she found it I do not know. We set off early Friday morning with our GPS leading the way. We are heading towards Morgenton, Lake James. While she is driving I check All Trails. It says Linville George wilderness unmarked trails. I'm... Continue Reading →

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