Hiking in Linville Gorge


Mike, Gina and I

I just love hiking in the Linville Gorge. Today I got to show it off to someone who hasn’t been there. That was so much fun! Her ears might be burning because I surely played trail guide! I could hardly contain my excitement. The first place I wanted to go was the Chimneys. Mainly because I had not been there.

From the Table Rock parking lot the Chimneys are to the left. Past the bathrooms and the picnic area and campground. It’s a really cool trail that goes all the way to Shortoff. Mike has been to Table Rock but not this side. After a short jaunt up the views and rock formations begin! I couldn’t help but point everything out.

As we made our way toward the Chimneys Mike asked where the Amp was. We decided to take the side trail down to it so he could see a little of what I hiked on my way to the Sphinx.

I showed them the trail-ish we took down the Amp and the overlook above the Mummy.. There were lots of icicles on the wall. Gina said you went down there?! Yep.

Then back up the trail and up the trail to the Chimneys. On the way down I must have been talking to much because Mike joked about how I couldn’t be quiet to the parking lot. 🤔Well I did but managed to point out some stone work and fire pits on the trail. When I got the parking lot I explained that is some of what Wildsouth does. Cleaning out fire puts and stopping erosion with stones. All the things we take for granted.

The next thing I really wanted to show her was Little Table rock. I like it better than Tablerock. I think the best views of table rock are from a distance so being up there just cant compete for me.

But what I love on Little Table Rock is the two trees that face toward Linville Falls. They look like Bonsai Trees. They make an awesome frame for a pic!

As we walked back toward Table Rock we decided we would go to one more place, Hawksbill. We drove back to Hawksbill Trail and parked.

They are building a nice Kiosk at the trailhead. We headed up to the top. We have already hiked 5 miles. I couldn’t wait to show Gina the top of Hawksbill.

It was getting late. I think it was about 5. The sky was amazing! Of course I had to point out everything around us to her. Here is a picture of each of us on Hawksbill.

Well it had to end! We made our way back to the trailhead. I think I got in as much as possible! It was a lot of fun showing off some of my favorite places. I know she enjoyed it!

The road to table rock closes in January for the winter!

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