Hiking in the Linville Gorge

March 30, 2019

Nick, Jonathon, Cathy, Kennedy, Brandi, Christy and I.

This hike had so much to see and so many names of things I can’t remember and is such an untraveled area that this is basically going to be a picture blog only. Most of our group were real photographers. These are mostly my pics though.

Our group met at 10 Saturday morning. I am always excited to hike in the Linville Gorge. Every hike has something special. I have never done this area. Some of this hike had a trail and some of it didn’t. We hiked down to the river and took in some overlooks along the way.

This next pic is of Babel Tower across the River.

We had a great time at this overlook. Cathy took some awesome photos from here. She took this one of us.

We went back to the trail and continued toward the river. The rock formations on the way were so amazing.

We started from the top of the picture below.

We continued to the river. More amazing rock walls.

I don’t remember who took this picture but I love it.

Around the corner and there is a beautiful cascade coming down the side of the wall.

Then we were at the river. We enjoyed lunch on the rocks, resting, exploring and lots of picture taking.

The 2 picture above was taken by Nick and I love them!

Christy calls us Charlie’s angels because of our array of hair color. Here we are doing our immitation. I think Nick took this one.

After our time at the river we went back a different way. It was a cool climb up the rocks. This part was so much fun!

Jonathan was up first. I was following him up and the rest were behind. He was going fast and I’d get stuck a bit and be like which way did you go? I joked that he was trying to get rid of me. I should of been following Nick for sure! This next part was kinda tricky. We had to get up a large rock. Cathy got down on one knee and Brandi climbed up using her leg. That was pretty cool teamwork.

After this we climbed up through the Rhododendrons. See Jonathan in there like a sniper. Nick came down and we followed him up this way. We were going up there.

Then we came to a really nice tier waterfall that might not have a name.

Closer to the top we came to a real cool rock formation where we sat and had a break. water was coming off the top.

A little more trail and we came to our last break. These two are waiting for the rest of us to catch up.

We spent a good 6 or 7 hours on this 4-5 mile hike. So much to see and enjoy. We had a great group. What a great day.

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  1. The hilltop you identified as Babel Tower is indeed part of Babel Tower Hill but mose specifically it is called Avatar’s Rib. SEE the fracture running up the middle of it? Thats the Rib. BT is just out of the frame to the right.

    There is much to see and explore in thos area and you did a great job of photographing Big Hole Canyon.

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