Kentucky Day 2

Ashley, Mike snd I 9/1/19. 5.8 miles hiking approx 500 driving miles No real plan today. Going to head back into the Red River Gorge. Ashley says we should go to Cumberland Falls. So we did. It's a long way from Lexington. I didn't know but it's a big tourist area with hotel, camping, cabins,... Continue Reading →

Waterfallin near Cherokee

Lisa and I 8/22/19 11 miles After we left Holly at Panthertown we drove to Cherokee NC. We decided to do Enloe Falls. It's an 8 mile hike. We drove towards the trail head and it was just a few miles from Indian River campground where we stayed a couple months ago. It's. Great campground.... Continue Reading →

Waterfalls in Panthertown

Lisa, Holly and I 8/21/19 8 miles A while back I hiked with a guy named Jack because he was taking people to Windy Falls on the Toxaway River. His wife Holly didn't come because she had broken her ankle. I recently became friends with her on Facebook and we finally met this week and... Continue Reading →

Pumpkinstock 2019

Mike, Lisa and I 8/16 - 8/19 Pumpkinstock is a 3 day music festival on private property in Pumpkintown SC. It sits just below Table Rock on Carrick Creek and the Oldenoy River. We picked out a camp spot where the 2 meet. The water is extremely low right now. We are just over a... Continue Reading →

Mt. Mitchell

8/11/19 Sherri and I Today we are hiking our 2nd trail on MT Mitchell. This time we are hiking part of the Black Mountain Crest Trail. This trail is 12 miles from the Summit to Deep Gap and has 6 peaks along the way. We are definitely doing 2 peaks but we will see. We... Continue Reading →

4 state Sunday

7/19/19 Daina, Mike Sophie (dog) and I SC and NC temps are soaring into the upper 90's! I wanted to hike but wanted to find a cooler spot. The choice was between MT Mitchell and Grayson Highlands. I have been to Grayson Highlands twice and it's just magical. I decided since Daina was going we... Continue Reading →

Waterfall chasing

Lisa snd I 7/12/19 7 am we headed out. No exact plan because it was going to be a 2 night trek but things change. Lisa had a VERY aggressive waterfall list from Highlands, Robbinsville, Murphy, Franklin, and Collowhee. We decided to go to Cullowhee first. The plan was now Piney Mountain Falls and Bearwallow... Continue Reading →

Ramsey’s Cascade

Sherri, Mary, Brandi and I 6/18/19 Well it's another rain filled night in the GSMNP. Glad we bought that shade tent! We have breakfast out of the rain. It rained some last night but not to bad. We got ready and headed to NewFound Gap where we were going to hike to Charlie's Bunion. We... Continue Reading →

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