Join the NC 100 Waterfalls Challenge

There is a book by Kevin Adams called NC Waterfalls.  He is a photographer and has photographed 500 waterfalls in NC.  It has a page or two for each falls, with pictures, directions, height, length of trail and details of the hike.  On his website he has a couple waterfall challenges.  He has a 100 waterfalls, 200 waterfalls, and 500 waterfalls challenge.

Screen Shot 2018-08-01 at 9.26.48 PM

Lisa bought this book and Lisa and I are working on the 100 waterfall challenge.  Some of these waterfalls are complete hidden gems.  Some are right along the roadside.  Most of them are in western North Carolina. He has more that he wants to keep a secret so they stay unspoiled.

One of the strangest directions to a waterfall we found was in Brevard.  The directions were turn on Cold Mountain Rd, go 4.5 miles and park near a telephone pole with #61 on it. This is Raven Rock Falls. A steep trail down past a small waterfall with a footbridge behind it cross a stream and climb down to an amazing waterfall!

Another amazing waterfall is Big Falls. This waterfall was an amazing find. It was 5 miles down a trail and 200 yards straight down! Not an easy hike by no means but a secluded serene experience. How this one was found I have no idea!

Another of my favorite Falls was Rhapsodie Falls. This one was off the beaten path in a trail hidden by blow downs. This one took quite a bit of searching but was an awesome find! It was overgrown and hard to get to and we had to climb over and through giant rhododendron to get it it but it was worth the trouble!

I am at 39 if 100 waterfalls. Each one has something special. I have plenty more amazing waterfalls to find!

There have only been about 25 people who have completed this challenge. The Carolina Mountain Club has taken this challenge added some waterfalls in Tennessee and South Carolina. Either challenge is a great deal of fun. The link to each one is below!


So join in and when you complete it turn in your results and get an embroidered patch and bragging rights!

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