Land of Waterfalls

2/1/19 Lisa and I 10 miles We are still chasing the first 100 waterfalls in NC in Kevin Adams Waterfall book while sprinkling in some on the next 100. I'm now at 60 (of the first 100) and I think Lisa has a bit more. I had to be back early so we left just... Continue Reading →

NC Waterfall Hunting

8/17/18 - 8/18/18 Lisa and I This picture is at the end of day one. We found 9 waterfalls Friday and 3 on Saturday in Cashiers, Highlands and Franklin NC. Truthfully we put on a ton of miles in the car but did end up with 10 miles Friday and 5 miles Saturday. We left... Continue Reading →

Chattooga Sounds Campground

7/7-7/8 Daina Mike Me 3 dogs Last minute decision to go somewhere during our 5 day Staycation. We have seen this campground in Long creek SC advertised on facebook. We decided to give it a try and do some waterfalls on Sunday. We called Daina and she was game. We picked her up in Clemson... Continue Reading →

Amicalola Falls Georgia

6/23/18 Lisa, Ashley, Jolly and me. Raven Cliff Falls to Amicalola Falls was another hour away. All back roads on curvy mountain roads. I almost turned around but how often do you get to go to one of Georgia's tallest waterfalls?  It is also the most southernmost point of the Appalachian Trail.  It is also... Continue Reading →

Panthertown Valley Tour Hike

Sherri and I 2/9/18 We start at 7:15 for the 3 hour drive.  We decide to take highway 11 instead of I-85.  We manage to get behind every slow driving grandma, concrete truck or what ever.  We make a couple of stops our final one at McDonalds in Brevard for breakfast and a pitstop. Sherri... Continue Reading →

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