Boone Fork Trail


Sherri and I

I read about this trail and we have been wanting to do this one. It’s at Julian Price Park near Boone. This one is a 5 mile loop. It can start at the picnic area, lake overlook or the campground. The campground was closed but we parked there and got on the trail.

Apparently I didn’t really read about this trail but Sherri did. It has 12 Creek crossings and it’s December!

The trail goes right down the middle of the campground. At the edge of the campground is one of these.

This trail was well blazed the whole way. Even when it crossed the MST it was marked.

This trail goes through a variety of landscapes. The first was a rhododendron Forrest. It was awesome and during the hot summer would be very cool!

After this we went through an open field which I read had a view of Calloway Peak but didn’t remember at the time. Then the trail winds along the water basically the whole way. At first we were counting the creek crossings. They were pretty easy to cross without getting wet even though the water was pretty high. The first one had a small bridges across it.

The next couple were an easy rock hop.

Then we came to a crossing that really needs a bridge and here is the first time we get wet!

This trail had a little bit of everything. It was a beautiful trail!

There is another bridge crossing then our next challenge. During the summer we would just plow through it. It’s fun to look around and decide where to cross. We look up and down the creek to find the best possible way to cross. This one had a small fallen tree that was just perfect to cross on. I got Sherri crossing it:

The next crossing we came to completely needed a bridge! We stood here for a long time trying to decide how to cross. A guy and girl came the other way and we waited to see how they were going to cross. He couldn’t figure it out either! The water was rushing and probably 2 feet deep. We looked all around this area. I ended up climbing to the bottom of this picture, climbed down to the water and hopped across getting both feet wet! Sherri followed. There just wasn’t another way!

Sometimes you just have to say “what the heck” and get wet. It was either that or go back!

We asked that couple if there were anymore issues ahead and he said no. Well a few minutes later at the next crossing it was a 2 foot jump to the rock! 🤦‍♀️ These rocks are slick and this was a bit intimidating but…..

Well we made it across! The trail continued up some steps, around the bend then came to a wide part of the river that was stunning. If only I had a better camera.

After this the trail went up some steps, went high above the river then through a large rock area.

Just after this part was the trail down to Hebron Colony Falls. Up till now the only people we have seen was that one couple. This Falls is about a mile from the picnic area so…… yep people. Lots of them. We walked down to the base of the falls. It was a bunch of huge boulders and the falls as barely visible.

I found a faint trail up the right side and followed it up to the falls. Over roots and boulders. I got to a nice view of the falls.

we ate some lunch then We headed back up to the trail and headed back toward the end of the trail. The rest of this was a muddy mess. We guessed because of so many people. After a bit the river becomes wide and calm. The trail continues to follow the river that snakes around.

We keep following the river right to the picnic area. From here we go to the right through the trail towards the campground and back to the car.

We would highly recommend this trail. It doesn’t have much elevation so it is a fairly easy trail, it’s beautiful, you can hear rushing water the whole time and a waterfall. The creek crossings should be easier during the summer. All the rain the last couple weeks surely made a difference.

We drove back to the picnic area and changed our wet shoes and socks and headed out.

Fun fun hike.

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