Hiking into 2019


I am not the type to hike alone. I prefer with a friend or two or a small group. To mix it up I like some of these challenges. This year I have hiked so many miles. I have hiked 379 miles in NC, 25 miles in Virginia, 40 miles in Tennessee, 27 miles in Georgia and 45 miles in South Carolina.

Rarely do I repeat Trail but there are some that I really love doing. Shortoff Mountain is one of those I just love and have done 4 times. There are those I never want to do again like Table Rock SC. although beautiful I am just done with it.

I been enjoying doing the NC State Park 100 mile challenge. I will probably be about 100 miles short of getting my t-shirt prize for 500 miles! Oh well there is always next year. 😡

To join this challenge go to https://nc100miles.org/

I really enjoy the 100 waterfall challenge by Kevin Adams and/or The Carolina Mountain Club. I think I am at 57 waterfalls. This one doesn’t expire and when complete you get your name on the website and a patch.

To get the list go here: https://www.kadamsphoto.com/north_carolina_waterfalls/wp-content/uploads/Kevin-Adams-100-North-Carolina-Waterfalls-Challenge.pdf

Some of these require some scrambling so be prepared to not have trails to follow on some! He also has a 250 waterfall challenge and a great book to guide you!

I have just found. New challenge for peak bagging!

This challenge can be found here:


This one has no time limit, consists of 23 hikes and 66 miles.

Whether you like to do challenges or just like the outdoors it doesn’t matter. I find that hiking cleanses my soul. It doesn’t cost much, gas, a back pack, shoes and/ or poles and then get going!

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