Pumpkinstock 2019

Mike, Lisa and I

8/16 – 8/19

Pumpkinstock is a 3 day music festival on private property in Pumpkintown SC. It sits just below Table Rock on Carrick Creek and the Oldenoy River.

We picked out a camp spot where the 2 meet. The water is extremely low right now. We are just over a bridge from the music stage and the vendors.

After setting up camp we walked to the waterfall. The guy who owns this property owns more across the road that includes a nice waterfalls. It is on Carrick creek and people call it Carrick Creek waterfall but since he owns it he calls it Amelia falls after his sister.

It has a gate and a couple of campers down there. We went anyway. The water is so warm and the tiered falls is beautiful.

They have it set up nice with lights and gardens, a rock wall and tables. Oh how nice to own a waterfalls!

We enjoyed sitting in the pools and getting wet on such a hot day waiting for the music to start.

The music started at 4. We met RJ Galloway at the falls he was the first performer. Blues/rock. He has been in bands that opened for Skynard and others.

There is a great variety of music here. The next band was the Westend string band. They were bluegrass.

The the Marvin King Review. He flat out jammed! His son is Marcus King who is currently opening for Chris Stapleton. Marvin and Marcus are crazy good Guitar players!

Next was the Jerry Garcia cover band.

It was right here that something hit me and I was sick to my stomach. I missed the Jerry Garcia Cover Band and the Grass is Dead band which sounded great from my campsite. I have no idea what hit me but I was in so much pain I wanted to call 911! Finally around midnight it eased up and I was able to go to sleep.

Woke up early to a bright sunny cool morning. Walked to the vendors to get some breakfast and got sausage gravy and Kings Hawaiian rolls. Thought that would be good for the ok tummy. So far so good!

The music started at 12 we went to the waterfall. There is no running water here so this is the only way to get clean. It was soooo refreshing. The water was cooler this morning. We actually sat under the lower tiers which felt awesome.

After a bit we went back and headed back. Lisa and I missed a bunch of bands today because We sat at the campsite most of the afternoon and enjoyed the music from there. Mike didn’t miss any bands. It started to get dark and stormy looking. The guy next to us hasn’t been around today and one truck was missing. He had taken all the rain flys off his gigantic tent. Lisa and I went looking for them. We peered into his truck and in the tent and did not see them. As we were doing this he walked up. 😳 I said we are not snooping we are looking for your rain fly! He couldn’t find them either then finally did under some suitcases. We helped him get it on. He was very appreciative. He headed back to the stage just as the sky fell out. It poured about 20 minutes.

Mike and I watched Phat Lip they were a high energy band and were pretty good. Next was Mama Said. It was a bunch of hippie looking kids from Kentucky. They were pretty good. The next band was called Fresh Hops from Indiana. Mike was looking foreword to this one. They just jammed! High energy with the lead singer playing the fiddle. I really enjoyed them. They had the bubble machine on.

There was a guy painting while they played. I wondered if he’d seen Snake Oil Medicine show. They have a painter.

Next was Raelyn Nelson – Willie Nelson’s grand daughter. Her back up band looked just like Hansen. After her I went back to camp and lit a fire and the grill and listened from there.

The people at the festival and camping around us are so friendly. I got to know all of them. It’s nice to be around so many nice folks. Everyone was in a great state of mind.

I slept in the Jeep with the door open. I didn’t get one bug bite. Mosquito Joe sprayed for chiggers and did an excellent job. Can’t believe it! It was a nice cool night. The next morning I didn’t get up till 9:30! We packed up camp and went to the waterfall. It felt so good!

Lisa and I headed home but Mike stayed for Sunday’s music which went on all day.

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