Waterfalls in Panthertown

Lisa, Holly and I

8/21/19 8 miles

A while back I hiked with a guy named Jack because he was taking people to Windy Falls on the Toxaway River. His wife Holly didn’t come because she had broken her ankle. I recently became friends with her on Facebook and we finally met this week and hiked waterfalls in Panthertown Valley.

She was our guide this day which is great because Panthertown is a maze of trails that it definitely requires some planning! Planning to Lisa and I is ” let’s leave at 6 and head to….” 😜

We met at the Schoolhouse Falls parking lot. It was like we all knew each other already.

It was a beautiful day. We headed down the trail chatting and the first Falls was Jawbone Falls. What my pic doesn’t show is the tea colored water below. It’s so gorgeous.

Then continued down to Riding Ford Falls. It’s a small stream of water sliding down a long sloping rock area.

We went back up the trail the way we came and turn toward our next waterfall.

It is Elbow Falls. It was a beauty.

Then we crossed at the top of Red Butt falls headed down to the base where you can actually see it.

We had a snack here and enjoyed the beauty. This is at the end of Devils Elbow trail. Our next waterfalls is not in a trail but is a mile long creek walk to Lichen Falls. It always amazes me that the best waterfalls are not on actual trails?

It was a fun creek walk with beautiful boulders and lots of rock hoping. We only stayed dry for a minute then spent most of our time in the water. There were a few thigh deep areas but mostly below the knee.

Then there it is off to the left on Honeycamp Branch. To get to it we climbed up on some rocks then through a hole under some boulders then voila, there it is!

It’s so beautiful. It looks like it’s coming out of a hole in the rock and drops 1 small tier and 2 large tiers.

Lisa climbed up to the first tier.

We really enjoyed this spot. It was time to walk back up the creek.

Back on the trail we headed to Pot Hole Falls. This one was a little beauty tucked away in the corner. Holly took a slide here into the deep water. I was to chicken to try. 😁

The last falls for the day was called Macs Falls. This is a nice swimming hole. Holly jumped right in swan up to the falls and sat on a ledge just below it. I really wanted to but for whatever reason I’m a chicken. I walked along the edge to the falls and worked my way over to her. She was laughing at me the whole time. She was like just get in! I’m definitely not used to getting in strange water and I don’t know why it scares me but I have to get over it! For all the crazy hiking and bushwhacking i do a clear mountain waterfall stops me! 🤦‍♀️ I told her it comes from growing up on Lake Wylie 🤣

I finally made it to the pic above and braved the swim back and when I jumped in big Charlie horse but nothing got me! We got back on the trail and headed towards the car.

It was a great day with old and new friends and I can’t wait to do it again.

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