Kayaking and waterfalls


Holly, Jack, Robert, Mike and I

They had this great plan to meet at Bear Creek Lake and kayak and hike 2 waterfalls. I got invited late but so glad I did. Mike and I decided to join them.

We are supposed to meet at 9:30 Saturday morning. In comes a tropical storm. We were all a little unsure but Jack said “I’m photographing Sols creek falls!” Problem solved! Photography in cloudy conditions is ideal. So it was on!

Mike and I headed to Cabelas late the night before and got some rain gear. We loaded up the kayaks. Left out at 6am and headed to Bear Creek Lake. It was cloudy and the rain was due in around 2 pm.

We were for the most part the only ones out there. We paddled off towards Sols creek Falls. It’s a small 500 acre lake with only a handful of houses.

We round the bend, pass the island and go left towards Sols creek. The very top of the falls comes into view and an amazing rock wall.

A pontoon boat passed us and we parked on the shore and hiked up. It’s a massive falls. They took a group shot for us. Jack broke out the good camera and took photos I can’t wait to see. Holly and I climbed down to the base.

Back down the trail and toward the island we scooted the shore looking for the trail to Flat Creek Falls. Right behind the island we parked at the trail and sign to the falls. Up a mile then down the other side we hiked to the falls. It was an amazingly beautiful falls.

Moss covered rocks and multiple tiers. We hung out here a bit. I wanted to climb to the top but it was slick and steep and i came back down. Jack went a lot higher up then I did. Can’t wait to see his pics.

Then headed back to the trail and into the kayaks.

We have been sprinkled on quite a bit but we’re still dry. It was about 2 miles back to the boat landing. We arrived just as the rain came. By the time we had our kayaks loaded it was raining. We changed to dry clothes and headed back to Sylva for dinner. We ended at Speedo’s Pizza.

A great ending to an even greater day!

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