The L.O.S.T Trail – Linville Gorge


  1. Brandi, Christi, Andi, Jon and I

This is a very fun and beautiful trail. It’s actually not a trail anymore. It’s a scrambler trail so you need a scrambler map to follow it or someone who’s been there before.

We met at the info cabin and then followed each other to Connolly Cove trailhead. 105 is a dirt road that isn’t well maintained. It was pretty good to this point.

We headed down the trail a little way and make a right on Rock Jock. It’s a beautiful 65 degree day. Clear skies so beautiful views.

After a bit on rock jock there is a left turn on a very faint path. This is the Lost Trail.

There are some views here but not many. After a bit we come to a cave. It’s not very long but it is kinda tall.

We walk along the path for a bit then come to the first fun part. We climb down a rocky path and there is a 5 foot drop at the end. Jon makes sure we get down safely.

We continue on down the trail and come to the most beautiful spot in the gorge. The balcony. It’s across from the NC Wall and the Sphinx.

We saw a jet flying low through the gorge. I barely got my phone out for this one.

There is a spot at the balcony called Little Seneca. It’s a long narrow rick formation with 200 ft drops on either side. I really wanted to do this but I chickened our. Jon and Christi did.

We continued down the trail and up Zen Canyon. I like this part too! Climbing up boulders is always fun.

There is a very old tree that’s been hollowed our. We stopped for photos.

Then we made a turn to go down to Razors Edge. It’s a step decent to a huge rock formation.

I chickened our again! Christi went up by herself. I scrambled over to get her some pics.

Then to finish the trail. It’s only about a 4 mile trail but it’s technical in places. We continued toward Rock Jock and finished our day. This is my second time in this trail. It’s a really great one! I had a great day with some really great people!

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