Meet the Bradley’s in the Green River Gamelands

Holly, Everett and I


This was a hike I have been wanting to do 1-because it’s in the Green River Game Lands in Suluda NC, 2-because I’ve seen pics and it looks awesome and 3-because I really like the names of these falls!

There is one official trail that you can even find it on AllTrails. It will lead you to the first waterfall. Milton Bradley Falls. Then your own your own. We have Everett to follow. He has been here before.

Milton Bradley Falls

The hike starts at the tubing area for the Green River and follows an old road about 3/4 mile to an old log cabin. Then it splits and we go left to the creek and cross it.

This is April and Holly and Everette are photographing wildflowers. I’ll make a collage of them at the end. There is a nice flat tree we cross on because there are wildflowers on the other side but the trail is on this side. We get to Milton Bradley in about 2 miles. This hike is easy peazy. BUT at this waterfall there are ropes on the right side and this is where we need to go to keep going. This part is not utterly terrifying. It’s far enough off the falls and two levels. It’s pretty fun actually. But it’s high looking down!

Going up
Hope Holly doesn’t mind!
Going down
Going down view
Going down

From here it’s a rock Hop, creek walk, to the next waterfall. We are going from left to right rock hopping. It’s like putting together a puzzle to find the best way. Some of this creek looks pretty deep and there are lots of down trees to avoid. In about 1/4 of a mile we come to a fork in the creek. Bradley Cooper falls to the right and Marilou Bradley on the left. We check out Bradley Cooper first.

Bradley Cooper Falls

Kevin Adams book said that two guys Jack Theyn and Andy Kunkle named these. If it were named by a girl the best looking waterfall would be called Bradley Cooper cause you know….. 😂😂😂

So now left to Marilou Bradley. Who is Marilou Bradley anyway? 😁 We went left just a bit. This one is beautiful. Almost in its own cavern area with vines hanging down and miss covered rocks. Holly and I sit and have a snack and Everett crosses and sets up his camera to take pictures. I cannot wait to see his photos but Holly said it will take months! Everette said he is a little behind editing his pictures! Haha. Everette actually climbed behind this waterfall.

Everett beside Mariliu Bradley Falls.
Marilou Bradley Falls

Now I find out that we have to climb over a ledge and up the side of this waterfall. Everett says “it’s just a little un nerving” !!! 😆 That was a bit of an understatement cause I had a tiny panick attack! He went first, Holly went next, then me. This one you actually have to step around the edge of the waterfall to get up. I’ve marked it in purple below. Not to mention it’s pretty high up. The 3rd pick down is for depth perception.

Holly coming down
From the climb

It took me a bit to get over that one! Holly said she has a fear of heights also but I could not tell. All I could think of was I have to go back down this oh lord! But I put that out of my mind as best I could.

Me going down Marilou Falls 😬

Everette said that’s all the hard stuff. Sure! Next we had to step up in more rushing water! No rope this time!

Holly and I kept intermittently saying “Are we there yet?” Like children in the back seat. Neither of us have been here before. It was funny but I meant it! I love rock hopping and creek walking but I was getting tired. One more crazy climb.

We rounded the bend and there it was! Cavern Falls. What a beauty. Everette broke out his camera, I dropped my pack and sat down and Holly? Holly had to get in the cave on the side of the waterfall. She scooted along the wall then climbed up into the cave!

The way back she had to get in the water. It was up to her shoulders! Brrr! I always say when I’m waterfalling with Lisa that she isn’t just gonna see it she is go down and touch it. But with Holly, she is going to get in it!

This falls really was a beauty. Here is a pick of the falls and its surroundings. I loved the rock ledge above and all the greenery. There is a waterfall into that cave area that my photos don’t show.

There was a rope on the left side of this falls. I’m not sure what’s up there but it wasn’t in the plan.

Holly was cold (of course) she is totally wet and it’s April and maybe upper 60’s and that water was prob 50 -55 degrees! We went to a sunny spot while Everette finished taking photos. I really can’t wait to see those!

Now that it is all over that was so much fun! I wish I wasn’t so nervous but better careful then hurt or dead right? I always overcome my fears but they make it look so easy!

Here are some of Holly’s wildflower pictures.

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