Waterfalls in Saluda NC


Lisa snd I

Gas shortage did not stop us. Lisa had a full tank and we decided to go to Suluda NC . It’s only 1 1/2 hours away. The first one we went to was Melrose Falls. This is note quite a mile both ways. This is actually the only hike I’ve ever done by myself. It’s parking is right on NC 176. It’s a beautiful falls probably 60 ft high.

We turned around went back to the truck and tried to find a waterfall that’s right on the road behind a house. Who can’t find a roadside waterfall? Us! I’m hoping it dried up or something because for real?! 😡

We gave up and went to the other side of the interstate into the Green River Gamelands. The next falls was a roadside falls but it could not be missed. It was a massive waterfall on White Oak Mountain Road. This is the very top of the Saluda area. This part of the falls is 240 ft high. It then goes under the road (which is seriously deteriorating) and down another 1000 feet per Kevin Adams. We parked right IN the road and Lisa started to climb down to see more. Well cars came so I had to jump in her truck and drive it to a pull off. 😂😂 She gets so excited she doesn’t think! Haha!

Here she comes walking up the street and we head to Big Hungry road to see 2 waterfalls. One is roadside and there is construction going on above it. I believe they are repairing a dam and building a road over it but not sure.

Then onto one Kevin Adams called Upper waterfall on Hungry River. I loved this one and think it needs a better name. It had beautiful rock and looked like a place locals would hang. I’m not sure what that building is but this one is nice.

Upper Waterfall on Hhngry River

Next we went to a parking area off the Green River. It appears to be where kayakers get off the river and shuttle to their launch. We went up and old gated road not to far and there it was Emily Falls. It was a short but steep climb to the base. It was a pretty little waterfall with a beach. Actually a sand beach which is odd in the mountains.

Emily Falls

The next one is Pullium Creek Falls. We parked on the road and found an actual trail. We start down this trail and I realize this is the Green River and Pullium Creek loop trail Sherri and I did a couple years ago. I got real excited when I figured out this waterfall was at the bottom of the Narrows Trail! If you don’t know what the Narrows are you tube it. They have the Green River extreme kayak race there every November. The narrows has 11 class IV and V rapids. The river drops about 1000 feet in a mile.

The trail to the Narrows is a very steep and well worn. Nothing but ruts and roots from years of wear and tear. This is where hundreds of people go to watch the Green River race. Someone has tired thick ropes almost the whole way down. It’s only 666 feet but it’s tricky.

Right at the bottom is Pullium Creek falls.

Pullium Creek Falls

There are ropes at the bottom and one board attached to a rope to cross. Lisa jumped down and crossed to explore. I sat there like a chicken and thought about it.

Me 🤔

There was a whole family and a dog over there. I finally worked up the nerve to cross. I mean mom, dad, 3 kids, grandma and grandpa and the dog did it! 😳

What you don’t see is white water to the left! The next picture is the left view.

When you cross it’s like a whitewater playground. Huge rocks with water rushing through them. This is toward the bottom end of the Narrows at Subshine falls. It would be full of people during the race.

Sunshine falls

As we hike around two girls told Lisa where they saw snakes ahead. I didn’t pay much attention and nearly stepped on the first one. Those girls back by the rushing water heard me scream. 😂 I really should learn my snakes but it was a gray/tan color. I think a cottonmouth. 🤷‍♀️

Now it’s time to make that fun climb 666 feet up. I find it easier to climb like this that hiking up because I can use my arms too.

Then back up to the car and off to find two more that are on Kevin Adams list but not in his book. 😡 Lisa googled and found the trail. It was about 5 miles past the Green River trailhead. We parked on the side of the road, crossed the street and headed up a tributary of the Green River. It was a trail-ish. Lisa said it doesn’t look like anyone’s come up here in a while. I said if they did they were short because we had to duck under growth a lot. Turtle rock was to the left. It was a pretty falls deep in the woods full of damp and moss. Not much sunlight here.

Turtle Rock Falls

To get to Rainy Falls it was either up and over (umm no but Lusa would have!) or back and uphill and around. So that’s what we did. It was a steep climb to a nice falls similar to the last. After seeing a snake at the narrows I had snake fear going on here. If I were a snake I’d live here. It’s dark and damp.

Rainy Falls

Back to the car and we drive to a gated road and park. Most mountain roads that are gated are open April to November. Not this one it’s open September to January for turkey sesson. It’s a 3/4 mile road walk uphill. At the end of the road there is a trail over the creek. It’s only .3 of a mile to wear we should drop down snd bushwhack to the falls. Instead we continue around the ridge till we can hear snd somewhat see the falls. At this point I’m tired and decide this is good enough, it counts.

Fungi Falls

Then we trek back down the road and we are done for the day. Total for the day 9 waterfalls and 11 miles. And not one wet foot!


In Spartanburg we stop and eat at a place called Pappas and Beer. It’s the most festive looking Mexican restaurant we’ve ever seen. We ordered the special for two. It was steak, chicken, bacon wrapped shrimp, grilled pineapple peppers onions and tortillas. It was delicious and served in this cute bowl.

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