Tetons Day 2 – Hoseback riding


Today was a cool day. We are going horse back riding. They don’t take reservations so just show up. We used Swift Creek Outfitters. They were great. We would highly recommend them.

The day started off slow then we were on our way. Julie drove the van. We ended up down a long dirt road. She parked like a champ. We choose a 2 hour ride and had to wait a bit.

When it was our turn they bring out horses one by one and then give you basic instructions. I was the one with the least horse experience. They are trail horses so no biggie. The horses decide the order and my horse Popeye liked to be dead last with his nose so close to Lisa’s horse’s butt that the tail hit him in the face! After a while we switched places.

It was a great ride. We wound through the trails, through streams (some almost as deep as the horses belly). With beautiful views of the Tetons. The stream was rocky and really deep in places. This was really the best part!

At one point our guide Levi (from NC!) lined up our horses with the Tetons in the background and took group shots of us.

We weren’t supposed to let our horses eat but mine would eat d wet time I tried to take pics! Then I would pull him up and he won’t trot to catch up. I couldn’t get the rhythm down so ouch! I was so sore the next day! Everyone else had had horses before. They could all ride. Not me!

After the ride I was heading toward the van and one of the workers laughed and said you have the cowboy walk! 😁 I really did! Ouch!

We had to go straight to our next adventure and had no time to spare! Julie kicked the Winnebago in high gear and off we went.

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