Teton Day 2 – Snake River Float

It was a beautiful day for horse back riding. We drove about 45 min to where the float ride met. We used Baker Ewing.

It was so hot. Everyone stayed in their clothes and I changed to shorts. Our van showed up and drove us to the drop in. Our guide wasn’t very friendly and sounded like Dan Ackroyd. He gave us the spiel and then we headed for the river. We all got on. The floor was covered in carpet in case you didn’t want to ride on the raft edge. We headed down river all along the Tetons. Sometimes we were in the front sometimes we were in the back as the raft turned. The current was strong and the water was up. Our guide kept saying how some companies cancelled today because of this.

As we wound around the weather changed. It got cloudy and cold. Our guide got nicer. 😁 can’t blame him, tourists! I was not happy I had changed to shorts at this point!

The ride was 14 miles back to where we met. It was all in all pretty cool and no one got wet!

We headed back to Colter Bay Village and actually got back in time to get a shower! At Colter Bay the shower closes. Last call is 8 pm. Showers are $5.00! We put our names down on a restaurant reservation had a shower then it was time to eat.

We stayed in the tent village at Colter Bay. They had 2 wooden walls and two canvas walls and a canvas roof. They had 4 bunk beds, a wood stove, a picnic table and a bear box. We had beautiful days but at night the temps dipped to around 30 degrees. It wasn’t as cold as 30 degrees in South Carolina but it was much mire comfortable when the fire was going. I would make a fire around 5 to 5:30 each day. that stove really heated up the place! Lisa said she had the best roommate because it was always nice and toasty when it was time to get out of our sleeping bags!

Colter Bay had a marina, 2 restaurants, laundry, store and gift shop. It is in the Teton National Park.

This was the marina in Colter Bay. It was beautiful. There was a walking trail around the lake. Brandi and Lisa did this one, I didn’t. I saw a post later from Jennifer Pharr Davis that she was swimming at Colter Bay. I didn’t know at the time there was a beach on this lake. It probably would have been to cold while we were here though.

Shower, Food, a little internet time and off to bed. Yellowstone tomorrow!

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