Shuck Ridge Creek Falls

7/17/21 Sherri and I

We got an 8am start to Brevard. That’s kind of late for us. I’m not sure why because Sherri didn’t get back home till nearly 9pm.

We went to the Tom Springs trailhead. We went up the left side loop of the Daniels ridge trailhead. It was a nice path that gradually went up along the Davidson River. We saw some people who go up to a popular swimming hole along this trail.

We continued to the Farlow Gap Trail and took a left. Aside from a couple of uphill switchbacks it was a pretty easy 3 mile walk to the falls. The trail was almost a completely covered canopy the whole way. This was perfect since it’s mid July in North Carolina which means hot and muggy!

We arrived at the top of Shuck Ridge Falls. The directions say to cross over go up a bit then find your way down to the falls. I found a sort of path down. Sherri took off her pack and waited a bit as I tried to make my way down a fairly short but steep and overgrown decent to the falls. The dirt was black and super soft and I slid most of the way.

I got about halfway down and Sherri was going to follow she placed her pack on the trail and it started rolling down the hill. It stopped after a few tumbles but then started again. Her glasses and phone flew out!

She started climbing down for it on that slippery dirt and I took a couple quick pics of the falls from there and started climbing up to help. We did end of finding the cell and glasses thank god! Sherri isn’t particularly fond of scrambling or bushwhacking and she flipped off the steep incline!

Instead of going back down we went to the top of the falls to have lunch. It was a nice spot with a great view. I bought a new Katahdin water filter and used it to fill up some water bottles.

We headed back up the trail snd could hear lots of thunder to our right. We got pretty lucky because it passed us by without raining.

When we got to the intersection of Daniel ridge we decided to continue the loop left. This one went uphill. It was still a nice covered canopy but not particularly interesting. The other side had the river. We made it down to the road and took a left to see Tom Springs Falls. A giant 100 foot rock falls right on the road. Then it was about a 1/2 mile to the parking lot. All day we did about 9.5 miles

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