Day 4 – Hidden Falls, Inspration Point and Cascade Canyon

We headed to the Jenny Lake trailhead. These popular trailheads have a visitor Center, a store Bathroom and, hundreds of people! I was stunned at the number of cars. We had to park up on the road towards the turn off from the highway. Turns out after our hike lots of people were parked way out along the highway!

I was not happy about being at an easy tourist filled trailhead. Luckily I was so wrong! It was an incredible hike. Easy with lots of people but incredible! It was my favorite hike of the week.

There are two ways to go. Hike around the lake or take the boat across Jenny Lake which cuts off about 3 miles. We elected to walk around the lake.

Jenny lake is spactular. So blue. There were some parts of the trail with bunches of people some without. Normally after a mile it thins out but not this one. It’s to easy. There is a waterfall ahead called Hidden Falls. Lisa and I are running up the trail (of course). We are like kids at Disney. In a hurry to do everything we can. We get to the first waterfall only to find out it’s not Hidden Falls. In fact Hidden Falls is quite a bit further. Brandi and Christi decide to eat here and Lisa and I kept on.

Hidden falls was another huge waterfalls! This one was 100 ft tall. There is a viewing area. We took some pics and headed to inspiration point. We can see people climbing higher. The trail up was pretty awesome.

As we were walking we see people walking up stone steps getting higher. It was really pretty cool.

Inspiration point is at 7200 ft. It was awesome. If Wyoming was a color it would be Blue. We sat down ate some lunch took tons of pics.

Lisa and I climbed all around the rocks, Down toward the lake to see the boat shuttle. Then Christi arrived. Somehow her and Brandi split. Brandi arrived. She was ready to head back to the car but I wasn’t! That’s what’s hard about going with a group. Lisa and I wanted to hike up Cascade Canyon. We decide we would go and meet them back at the car around 4. Lisa and I took off up Cascade Canyon. We were supposed to turn on the side trail back to the boat but it was so beautiful we hiked right through the canyon for just over an hour. This is a trail that goes right between the Tetons. Tetons on both side of you. It was spectacular! There was a river, fields, waterfalls.

We saw some moose in one area. There were 3 in a area will tall plants and a river running through it. We stopped on the way back to fill out water bottle in a stream coming down from the Tetons. This water was ice cold!

We saw a big mule deer below a waterfalls. He was just off the trail and not to concerned by us.

I asked some people if the canyon kept going because our friends were at the car. She said no but Lake Solitude was about 3 miles. We wished they would of come in the canyon it was awesome.

We wanted to go further but we turned around. We hiked back and still missed that connecting trail. We hiked past Hidden Falls and turned to go to the boat dock. We decided we would take the boat shuttle back to the trailhead. When we got to the boat dock there was a super long line. I’m thinking, oh lord we’re gonna be way past 4! Then I see Brandi and Christi in line so we bypassed a ton of people and joined them in line.

The next boat had room for a single and they asked if there was a person? I yelled “anyone single?” Then realizing what I said I added. “I’m not looking for a date you can get on the boat!” Everyone laughed and this old man raised his hand! 😁😁 We all died laughing!

They had 3 boats do it didn’t take long to get on and it was about 10 minutes across.

I would highly recommend this one! It was amazing from start to finish even with tons of people.

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