Roadside waterfalls

July 23, 2021

We are hiking Bonus Defeat tomorrow and I’m so excited! Brandi and I decided to head up Friday and meet at the trailhead and camp. She had to work so I went and decided to hit some roadside waterfalls on the way. After passing Dupont State Park I noticed a sign for Key Falls. It’s at a B&B. I wasn’t even looking for this one. I turned in and followed the road up. Key falls could use some water! It was barely a trickle.

I kept driving and went to Connestee Falls. The county tried to make an overlook. The overlook really didn’t give much of a view.

From here I headed up towards Bonus Defeat. There is a waterfall near the trailhead. It is called Paradise Falls. It is a local hangout for the App State students below Wolf Creek Lake. The trail to it is completely eroded and someone has put ropes all the way down. This is the most beautiful waterfall. Both side of this waterfall are where people jump off the rocks into the pool below.

The water is a clear blue green, the rocks are beautiful.

There were some people there and quite a few jumpers. I did not attempt it but wish I did. One the way here I passed a campground. I decided to go and see if I could get a cell signal and talk to Brandi. I couldn’t but they let me use their phone. She wasn’t coming until the morning. I decided to get a spot and camp in my car for the night. It was a nice campground with great bathhouse. It was Wolf Creek Overlook Campground.

I was far from anything. Cullowee was about 45 min away. I ate my camp meals and then went to bed.

We were meeting at the trailhead just a couple miles away at 8 am.

I was up ready to go! Bonus Defeat here we go!

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