Motor Cycle Riding in South Carolina

July 10, 2021

Mike and I

We went to visit the girls again in Greenwood, SC. We rode the bike down. Mike has a new Harley that he is so in love with. I am not the best passenger and this was a lot of riding for me. We left Greenwood and rode though all these tiny towns in lower South Carolina and North Georgia.

We stopped in Elberton, GA. It is the Granite capital of the world. We stopped by the high school and the football stadium is made of Granite.

We headed on to Watson Mill Bridge State Park. It is a small park but has the largest original covered bridge in Georgia. It was 229 feet long and goes across the South Fork River. It was built in 1885. It was a stunning bridge. It had a waterfall area on one side that people were wading in.

There is a long history of the contractor and his slave he freed who started a bridge building company and built this bridge and many others. You can read about it here:

From here were decided to ride to Rose Hill State Park. This was the home of SC Govenor Henry Gist (1858-1860). He is famous for being the governor that succeeded from the union.

There is some old family gravesites on this property.

We missed the tour so we decided to wander around get some pictures then head home.

It was an educational ride. Not growing up in the south I learn a lot by going to places like this.

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