Table Rock SC

June 27, 2021

Daina and I

I went to pick up Daina in Greenwood, SC – 2 hours, Then we drove to Cleveland SC – 1 hour, to hike Table Rock. This is one of my first hikes and this is also my least favorite hike of all time. I have no idea why I keep doing it. It is a nice park, has a campground, a lake and lots of hiking trails.

The trail itself is uphill. It is rocky most of the way and does not have much in the way of views on the way up. There is one area near the top that is a slanted rock that is a nice place to sit and enjoy your first view.

Then its about another mile up to the top of Table Rock. Table rock is the start of the Foot Hill Trail. It is 79 miles and ends in Oconee State Park.

It has been threatening rain all day. When we got near the top it was foggy. I thought oh no! All this way and no view! Daina has been wanting to hike this one and it just looked like a view was not going to happen. We kept going.

We got to the sign and it still did not look promising. This is my I hate this hike face.

But….. just then the clouds broke and a bit of sun started peaking out. It was perfect timing!

Then we started the hike down and it started to cloud up again. We hoped that it would be a view for all those people we passed on the way down. Then 1 hour back to Greenwood and 2 hours back to my house. It’s all worth it to hike with my girl.

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