Motor Cycling

September 3-4 2021

Mike and I

We were riding up to Wild Woodys Campground in Laurel Springs to meet a couple friends. On the way we stopped by some waterfalls. Moravian Falls was on the way.

Wild Woody’s is a unique campground. She has lots of vintage campers that she rents out. She also has a store filled with lots of stuff she has collected over the years. She seams particularly fond of Holloween stuff. She has a store where she sells, beer, food and drinks and there is a restaurant next door also.

The campground was nice and we camped on the stream. This place is north of North Wilksboro so just in the mountains of NC.

We got up the next day and she had a vintage camper turned into a coffee cafe. It was serve yourself and adorable.

There was a local church set up serving a full made to order breakfast to raise money for their church. After breakfast we put it in the wind and hit a couple more waterfalls on the way home.

Mt Gilliard Falls

We took the backroad home and had a great trip.

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