Wilson Creek Loop

September 5, 2021

Brandi, Sherri and I

We did a 10 mile loop in the Wilson’s Creek area. It was from Timber Ridge Trailhead to Hunt Fish falls and back to Gragg Prong. It was a great day. We met at the trailhead and started up Timber Ridge Trail. It went uphill for a bit towards Bee Mountain. After this I am not sure how many creek crossings we went through but I do now that we jumped in 3 swimming holes.

I’ve been checking waterfalls off my list and thought I had been to Little and Upper Little Lost Cove Creek Falls. Clearly I have not because they are both off trail. Brandi had hiked to the lower one before so she knew right where to get off the trail. We started heading toward the falls. After we took some pictures she said let’s go up there. I looked at it and said That’s a pretty tall falls, the climb looks straight up. But she did not care and said well I’m going. So of course I’m going too! Sherri decided to sit that one out and stayed at the lower falls. We went up the right side of the waterfall. Some one had hung a series of ropes up to the top. Some areas didn’t need them but some did. I swear we flew up that waterfall!

Little Lost Cove Creek Falls
Coming down!

It’s a good thing I went because it’s a good waterfall. We snapped a bunch of pics wondered around to the other side and headed back down.

We headed back down to the trail to continue our journey. After all we had about 8 miles left. We started crossing streams again. One of them was thigh high! The water here is so pristine. It’s clear with nice colored rocks.

Next we arrive at Hunt Fish Falls. This is a popular spot with families. It has a safe swimming spot and it’s not to far down a trail from a nearby road. We sat here and had lunch. Then Brandi and I jumped in. The water wasn’t to cold at all.

Now off to Gragg Prong. Sherri and I had hiked this leg of the trail before. We didn’t complete the whole loop though. Gragg Prong is also a popular place for families. I’m not sure why because its a couple miles from Hunt Fish or a couple miles from the parking lot. It is a really cool area. It is a series of long sloping rocks with a few nice swimming holes. We stopped at the first area because it has a lovely view of the river.

Then we kept heading up and boy was there lots of people! We stopped and Brandi and I jumped in again. We didn’t stay to long and headed back towards the car. A couple of creek crossings later and your there!

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