Winter Hike at DuPont State Park


Well it’s been about a month since I’ve been able to get out and hike. I’m jonesing for a hike bad and so is Sherri! My personal life has been so busy organizing a fundraiser for a friend that has MS who wants to go to Mexico for stem cell treatment.

We finally had this fundraiser and it was a huge success. We had over 230 people there, 4 bands and raised close to $14000! The event day started at 10 am Saturday with me getting Home counting money and in bed by 1:30 am.

I was not going to let this stop me from hiking Sunday morning! I was exhausted but the stress of putting on this event made my mind scream HIKE!

Sherri picked me up at 8 am meaning I had all of 5 and 1/2 hrs sleep. The ride to DuPont state park seamed to take forever! We finally made it to the park around 9:45. The temperature? A balmy 17 degrees.

When we arrived in the parking lot there were 3 cars there. First stop a cold port-a-jon then we take a path up and begin walking. We think we are going in the wrong direction and it’s just too dang cold to take off the gloves and google it. We turn around and make a right and follow that trail up to the graveyard but that’s a dead end. We turn a round again and head back to the parking lot. There is s beautiful bridge that crosses the river.

This is not my pic I was to cold to take one! We take the trail to the right before the bridge to go looking for frozen waterfalls.

This park is set up for the average joe. The trails are wide, flat and full of portajons and sitting areas. So not strenuous. There is one incline on the way up.

The first Falls we come to is Hooker falls. The water is super high and definitely not frozen. Evidently this one is very popular with tourists and you can swim in it. I’m glad it’s cold because that kind of crowd I can do without!

We double back and cross that bridge and head to our next falls is Triple falls. There is top and bottom viewing for this one. I’m gonna have to watch the Hunger games again because part of it was filmed here. This is the bottom only found a few icicles! It is super cold and takes sometime before we warm up at all. I have my hands in a fist inside my gloves just to keep my fingers warm! There is a constant stream of water down the path we’re on and most of it is s sheet of ice. I almost busted my butt ones but neither of us fell!

Then we made our way to the viewing area.

It’s a beauty. The trees all around are frozen.

Next we trek over to High Falls. This one is seriously awesome! It has a 120 ft drop. At the bottom of this falls you get a good view of it.

When you get to the top there is a bunch of stairs to climb down to the the granite area that you can walk on. There is a lot of power coming from this falls and the first drop is a doozy! It’s hard to tell from this picture but the tiered drop is pretty steep.

We were looking for frozen water falls but never found one. It was super cold and Sherri took this pic of me at the top that captures that

Frozen trees, mist, I love this pic! At the top of this falls is the covered bridge. We keep walking to it because last time I was here I got caught in a downpour of rain and never made it. We stopped had some lunch and turned back toward the parking lot.

On the way down I have to stop at a portajon and when I take my pants down it felt like razor blades against my skin! My legs were beat red from being frozen! That hurt!

Sherry says I’m tired of being cold so We went back to the car, turned on the heated seats and decided to head to Looking Glass Falls before we head back. The Falls wasn’t frozen but the walkway was a solid sheet of ice.

The wall opposite the falls is beautifully decorated with icicles.

We decided to head to Hendersonville and go to the Mast General store before we go home.

It was s great day but just didn’t quench my need to hike so I’m looking foreword to next weekend!

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