Quick Trip through Saluda NC


Just me

I had to drive to Fletcher NC for work. I was to meet a lady and give her Thread to sell at the Asheville Quilt Guild show. On the way up I had the idea if I finished early enough I would go to find Pearson and Melrose Falls in Saluda on the way back.

I did finish quick and 15 miles down the road was the turn off for both waterfalls. The first one was Pearson Falls. It’s a beautiful 268 acre botanical preserve run and maintained by the Tryon Garden Club. It had a well maintained trail with beautiful rock and stone, picnic areas stone bridges and a 90 ft waterfall.

I ran the trail very quickly because I just found out my dad had a heart attack and was in the hospital. I paid $5 to get in and I wish I could of stayed longer but I ran up and back quickly.

The pic above is the bathrooms. The roof is a garden in itself. I thought this was really cool.

I just head from my sister that dad was out of surgery and doing well. So I decided I would hurry down to Melrose Falls since it was only a mile away. The guy taking the money said it was only a half mile trail.

I drove to the trailhead. A gate by a bridge. It was a steep hill to the trail then a nice wide wooded trail. I NEVER hike alone. I’m also wearing flip flops but 1/2 mile? I can do it. Well off I go into the woods. It was actually a mile in each direction. I kept thinking I would turn around. I opened my GAIA app and saw it wasn’t far so I kept going. I really ran most of it. In flip flops! When I got to the waterfall it was a steepish climb down to a rock overlook. Oh great, flip flops! I made it down fine. Took some pics and basically ran back the mile long trail.

There wasn’t much water and on top is a train trestle. I would of like to climb to the top but I just didn’t have the time or the shoes!

This cool bridge was at the parking area. The whole Saluda area was beautiful. Heavily wooded and rock walls. I took the long way to I-26 and headed home.

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