Day 3 – Yellowstone!

Yellowstone is about an hour and a half from us. It’s also know to be very crowded. I was pushing for leaving at 6 am. Julie wasn’t going so Brandi drove. We are going to Fairy Falls and Grand Prismatic geyser. There is zero signal in Yellowstone except for in the villages.

We got to the Fairy Falls trailhead before 8 am and it was already packed with people.

At every trail head lisa and I jump, grab our bags and are raring to go. This wasn’t the case for everyone else and I’m sure each side was a little annoyed. 😂 We headed to the fist little geyser and waited for the others. There’s a fence and sign that said stay out but not Lisa! 😂

The trail to Fairy Falls also had an overlook to Grand Prismatic. We took it first. It was uphill and kinda hard! 😁 The elevation I guess. It had a deck built to overlook it. On the other side of it was a huge walkway around the geyser that you get to from the road. We wanted to do that but by the time we got there the parking was crazy!

We continued down the trail to the falls. It was a wide easy trail. It was kinda nice. it was about a mile or so through a pine forest.

The Falls was huge. I read 200 ft. When we arrived there was some people looking at it but of course we had to climb over the trees and get closer. Huge rock walls and a stream of waterfall. we took tons of pics then continued down a not so nice trail to see a couple more geysers.

The trail had one geyser across a stream without a trail to it. It was called Spray Geyser. We continued up the trail. It split and we took the one that walked along a hot stream. It was orange – which I read indicated the bacteria. It was so cool. The trail made its way to Imperial Geyser. It was super active. It was so hot. I read they are about 200 degrees. Standing next to it was like getting a facial. There was also a couple of mud pots near this geyser. They are cool steaming and bubbling like a geyser without much water so it’s bubbling mud. It’s grey. Brandi took a mud ball with her!

Lisa and I, forever in a hurry to see it all hiked back up the trail and crossed the river to see the other geyser. It was super active too. As we were coming back we could see Brandi and Christi heading back towards Fairy Falls. We caught up to Christi bird watching but not Brandi. We saw her at the falls but she couldn’t hear us. We continued up the trail but couldn’t catch her. We passed a guy and his daughter and he had a flask. He was dosing it behind his ears. I asked what it was and he said Tequila! I said does it keep the bugs away? He said no, I just enjoy it! 😂😂 btw the mosquitos were horrible. Bring bug spray!

As we were walking out a guy stopped us and said “are you Roseann?” I was shocked. He said our friend was looking for us. That she asked if he saw the red hair and tall girl. 😁😁

Christi caught us and we finished the trail and met Brandi back at the car!

Next we drove to Old Faithful. It has a whole village around it. It was super crowded and very windy and chilly. I think it was only like 40 miles away but the temperature had really dropped! We had our jackets on now. It wasn’t going to go off again for almost an hour so we elected to leave and hit two waterfalls on the way back.

The first one was a roadside falls called Lewis Fall. It was nice and of course Lisa had to climb down there. Brandi and Christi did too. It was a pretty powerful falls but weird enough the river below could not have been more than 2 feet deep.

We got back in the car and the last waterfall before leaving Yellowstone was Moose Falls. A guy on our first hike told us to go there that the water was warm enough to swim. The water was warm but I’m not sure how warm it would be to get in!

It was a beauty . We took tons of pics then headed back to Colter Bay early enough for a shower again. Lisa and I decided no shower or dinner in a restaurant so We went back to our camp and ate our freeze dried meals. I had spaghetti and meat sauce. Not to bad! Lisa likes the Teriyaki chicken. We ended up heading off to bed. It’s weird here it’s daylight at about 5 am and doesn’t get dark until we’ll after 9.

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